Finally Getting Underway

By: admin | 6 Sep 2011


A year after being given this website and with some stirling work from my designer Tom and I have finally managed to write my first post.

The ironic thing is that after a year of wringing my hands and worrying about what clever, pithy and significant thing to say, I am finding it easier to just write about the experience itself and trying not to think about how much time I have wasted and how many opportunities I have missed.

To be absolutely honest, I am still not sure about the purpose of this website and that is probably why it has taken so long to start writing it.

So, if todays post has a lesson, that lesson would be:

“Start immediately and finalise allĀ of the detail on the move, momentum is harder to generate that it is difficult to change direction when one is in motion”

While that is hardly likely to win me a Pulitzer for excellent writing, it seems like pretty good advice to me.

….onwards and upwards!!