A Lesson Learned from the Woolwich Murder

By: admin | 25 Jun 2013

Following the appalling murder of a British soldier in Woolwich, I read a beautiful article by Russell Brand, which seemed to be a genuine effort to stem the seemingly inevitable flow of hatred and nationalistic vitriol, which as far as I can see, would only make matters worse.

After reading this heartfelt piece, in response, I asked myself the question “So what are we to do in the face of such hatred and real threat towards all we hold dear?”

My response was surprisingly lucid…

“forgive them and work hard at being the kind of person you would like to meet”.

As far as I see it we can’t really expect others to be more flexible and cooperative than we are ourselves.

And this got me to thinking about work.

How many of us moan about late paying clients and yet ourselves wait until we are chased before settling our invoices and bills? How many of us moan about “picky” bosses and clients and yet pride ourselves squeezing the last ounce of work from the people who work for us?

It seems that sadly most of us, at some level, expect other people to be a pleasant and cooperative with us without us being willing to take the lead in being that way first.

And this is the thing I am taking away from this heartbreakingly tragic incident…I am working at being the kind of person I want to have in the world.
…being a little more generous, more easy going and forgiving people a little more easily.

In these times of real and seemingly ever present threat, it is easy for us to pull close to the things we know, enlarging the gaps between us and those who are “not-us”. It is in the that darkness that seeps in between things that fear begins to grow and this fear sometimes makes us do horrifying things.

My suggestion is difficult and a little scary..

Lets grow closer together in the knowledge that the closer we are, the more we see the similarities between us rather than the differences.

Let us be the person we want to have in the world.