Metro Free Paper Vendor Is A Marketing Genius| 3 Things He Gets Right That You Don’t

By: admin | 12 Sep 2013

At the rear entrance to Manchester Railway Station there works an unassuming marketing genius.

He doesn’t work for an agency, or in a marketing company, he doesn’t even work in business.

The gentleman in the picture is called Rob. Every day, he gives away free newspapers (they are called Metro in Manchester).

What makes Rob a genius?

Let me take you through his process.

  1. He makes eye contact.
  2. He flicks the paper exactly in your direction.
  3. He says “free paper?”

…I have watched Rob over and over and he does this for his whole shift, over and over again.

So in marketing terms he:

  1. He clearly identifies his target market.
  2. He lets you know his offer is just for you.
  3. He lets you know exactly what his offer is and what it will cost.

No-one ever walks past Rob without knowing whether they have been offered a free paper or not.

Everyone knows they have been made an offer, exactly what that offer was and how what it was going to take to say yes.

Elegant. Simple. Concise.

How does your marketing message compare?.