How to stop being stuck | Using the 6 step “Hero” Method

By: admin | 7 Oct 2013

Yesterday, I was stuck

…I was completely stumped by a personal quandary and frankly just didn’t know what to do. At the moment I am in the middle of a bit of a change of direction both personally and professionally and I had to make a choice between two similar and to be honest similarly unpleasant options.

As a professional coach and helper of change, I did all of the things that I usually do, reframe the problem, imagine it was someone else’s, count pros and cons, but with almost zero success.

It was a strange feeling like when I went to think about developing a plan , the was literally a gap in my imagination, with nothing there to grasp or gain leverage on.

What was I to do?

I sat down and wondered what advice I would give to someone if they asked me to help them with the same problem.

…and this is when the (entirely obvious) answer hit me

…admit that you are stuck and get some advice from a person you trust..

Being stuck is merely the realisation that everything that we know…is simply just not enough…we need to know new things ….and the way we find that …is by asking

The 6 step “Hero” Method to remove stuckness:

  1. Identify someone who has solved the current challenge
  2. Ask their advice
  3. Enact the advice that is most useful
  4. Review the impact of the advice and decide whether it is making the changes you want it to make.
  5. Identify your next key challenge
  6. Repeat

While this method is far from perfect, it will ensure you are never entirely without options and help you keep momentum, which is key to progress.

If you have your own tips to avoid being stuck, I would be delighted to hear them.

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