Keeping In Touch | A Simple Mistake you are Probably Making

By: admin | 16 Oct 2013

“Silence is Fatal”

– Doc Searls, The Cluetrain Manifesto

How Much Keeping In Touch?

If we can accept, as I suggested in an earlier post, that all markets are communications and value is built upon the quality of the relationship you have with your audience – then silence is indeed fatal.

Imagine how you would feel, if someone you are interested in just stopped calling. Would you be inclined to continue your relationship, or would you start looking somewhere else for what you want?

Think of your audience as a flower and the conversation you share as wonderfully nourishing sunlight.  What would happen to the flower if it were plunged into darkness for any extended period of time?

Now, its obvious that too much sunshine is equally damaging and will scorch its delicate leaves. But, without regular attention from the sun, your plan will wither and die.

So, how nourished are your audience? Or do they endure scorching periods of dazzling light followed by extended freezing night times?

The Solution?

Consider creating a monthly timetable of your posts outlining:

  1. Key features and products (paid or free) that solves a specific problem for your audience.
  2. Building a series of related posts to build interest.
  3. Point to additional supporting information on other blogs.
  4. Reviewing other peoples approaches to solving the same problem.
  5. Invitations to your audience to share how they have solved the problem in question.

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