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By: admin | 25 Oct 2013

Taking Care of Business in Moss Side

On Wednesday night the lovely people from Bubble Enterprises asked me (with the expert assistance of my wingman, life coach extraordinare, @lateefbdat) to help them open their rather swish new enterprise centre  in Moss Side by delivering my Superhero Social Media talk about how to get the best for your business out of Facebook and Twitter etc.

The event was to be Bubble’s first BEN Network event in its new permanent home, The POD a new micro business centre (in every sense of the word) in a couple of converted shops on Princes Road M14. To be honest the renovation of the space is very impressive and full credit needs to go to Bubble and their partners in this adventure Mosscare Housing and City South Manchester Housing Trust for trying something new and more than a little bit brave.

For those of you who dont know, Moss Side in Manchester has a bit of a reputation, some of it deserved and some of it that isnt and it is incredibly endearing to see organisations having a little faith in the people of this area and place some trust in the people who live there to be able to solve their own problems given half a chance.

I was particularly impressed by the variety of businesses attending this event which included a language school, a couple of media production companies and two spectacularly innovative businesses from the food sector among others.  They were, jointly and severally, lovely and I deeply enjoyed meeting all of them and left the event inspired and uplifted by the innovation and industry apparent in all of their businesses.

Here’s the thing.  I had a thought that rolling about in my head for hours after I left. And it wasnt making sense to my what it was until I began writing this.

The key theme of my talk was “Be You” and use that to find ever more people who get you and love what you do.

And this is the “Thing”.

I know its early days yet and good things have already been accomplished, but the “who I am” of the place isnt clear.  It has nice design, it looks lovely, the in-house team are a real delight but I think that the space needs to grow its personality fast and keep pace with the amazing local entrepreneurs of the type that I met on Wednesday evening.

Moss Side is a stupendously vivid place with residents from different cultures and backgrounds and it will need a space that reflects this vibrancy and reaches out in the right way to include as many of the creative, industrious and ambitious people who live there to help them make a them size impact in the world.

I have faith, with the team they have on board and if the attention to detail they have shown in the renovation of the space is any indication…I think there is a good chance for rosy times ahead for the aspiring entrepreneurs of South Manchester.

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