How Healthy is your IP? | Take This Free Test

By: admin | 7 Nov 2013

Copyright Healthy?

Is Your IP Healthy?

If you are a professional creative then you will probably make your living by creating and then implementing your ideas. This process of devising and selling of your ideas is known as Intellectual Property (IP) and forms the basis of any business you go on to build.

There is a lot written about IP from various angles including how best to protect it or whether you even can in the first place (I am planning to write a post about this very subject next month).

So when I came across this IP Healthcheck, which is part of a UK central government initiative, I thought you might find it interesting and useful.

If you are regularly producing content for sale or for sharing on the web, it is a good idea to know as much as you can about what you own, what happens when you publish it and what you need to do to prevent the products of your genius from being ripped off!

You should take the test if:

  • If you have IP to protect.
  • Whether you own it and, if you don’t, who does.
  • How to protect it, and whether you should.
  • How you can exploit it commercially

Let me know what you think, has the government got something right for a change?