My Rubbish Tattoo Can Teach You Project Success

By: admin | 20 Jan 2014

When I was 17 I got my first tattoo

As you can see it is rubbish, not only does the panther look like it is sneezing, it is so badly done that the whole tattoo is a scar and you can feel that it is gouged into my skin.

However, my tattoo has taught me a lot

The simple fact is, I should have known it was going to be awful, before I let the needle anywhere near my skin.

How does this story of poor decisions made by a teenage goth help you pretty much guarantee project success?

Like this…

As with any project, I should have taken all the importan factors into account before I started.

What you don’t know yet are the other things I should have considered other than “I want to do it ”

Things I Should Have Considered Before Agreeing To The Tattoo:

  • The guy with the needles was working out of the back bedroom of his council house.
  • The tattoo was going to cost me the princely sum of £7 (seven) whole pounds.
  • My intended tattoo artist had only 9 fingers. And the one missing was an important one, the index finger of his tattooing hand. (true story)

So, when my tattoo bled so much I stuck to my mattress, got infected or the fact that my tattoo looks like it was drawn by a 4 year old, should I have been surprised?

Would you have sat down in the chair knowing all the things above?

Of course not!

All things considered I was pretty stupid to let this unlicensed idiot with an illegal machine to permanently disfigure the skin on my shoulder.

But on the other hand, (I’m all about silver linings) I have a permanent reminder to think through all of the important factors before I start something risky.

So, whenever I am given any new opportunity I think:

  • Are the people I am planning to work with capable of doing what they say?
  • Is the planned opportunity in the right place at the right time?
  • Is this project priced properly?
  • Do the people I am intending to work with value the same things as I do?
  • What are the long term repercussions of this project if it goes horribly wrong?

Asking even the most simple questions, like the ones above can help you decide whether a project is worth starting or not and save you from being stuck in an endeavour that is no fun or stuck with something ugly and permanent, like my tattoo.