Miracle Engine – Effortless Business Success

By: admin | 9 Apr 2014

How to Create Your Perfect Business…Effortlessly!

“The only way to know what you are capable of, is to experiment” – Jamie Smart

Have you ever been to a workshop or event where you have made your fingers ache taking copious notes about what you “should” do, promising yourselves that you will shape up and definitely make use of all the new clever information and improve your lives and businesses.

…and then not used any of the information?

Do you have notebooks full of clever tips and ideas that you never act on?

You are not alone…we all have done this, often many times over.

On 22nd April at Korova¬† Preston, Lancashire I will be presenting my¬† “Miracle Engine” workshop, where I will be sharing the secrets to having a clear mind, connecting with your passion and getting the best out of what you are good at.

What I am offering you in this in this session is a proven method that will help you:

  • Know exactly what you have to do next to get what you want.
  • Clearly see how to build a business you love, built on your strengths
  • Feel excited about working on your business or project
  • Understand how to get the best out of your creative process.

All with no extra effort, with nothing new to learn and no notes to take

Book yourself a ticket, bring your sense of humour and an experimental attitude and plan the next stage of your project or business effortlessly.