Get Your Business Offer Right And Rock My World!

By: admin | 20 Sep 2014

Whats The Deal Here?

We are surrounded by compelling offers all the time, for all kinds of things. We are urged to act almost constantly. In this storm of encouragement, how can we make sure our business offer is the one that is noticed and then taken up?

The short answer is clarity, understanding and meaning.  Let me tell you a story to illustrate…

Last Friday I was asked by a lecturer at University of Central Lancashire to speak to one of his groups of  students and listen to them pitch their business offer to me.  Every year, as part of their course, media students have to put together a business and then find live clients to work for.

So, I arrived for the session and the students suggested we start by them telling me  their Mission Statement.  They began talking and kept on talking and talking

…and talking

They used lots of big business-ey words. They described how qualified they were and how happy they would make me as a potential client and how good their work was going to be.

It was half a page long.

And didn’t manage to answer the most important question:

“Why should I buy from you?”

The students had made the same mistake I see businesses make all the time.  They had spent time describing themselves, rather than the amazing impact they were going to make on my business.

They had tried to sell me on things that they should offer as a given, something that comes as standard.

They were going to make me happy – that is a given.

They are qualified – that is a given.

Their work will be good – that should also be a given.

A given, is that it is the minimum I can expect.  If you aren’t doing the givens, then you aren’t doing your job.  What I want to know is

…what is your work going to do for me.

  • More sales?
  • Increase my number of leads?
  • Give me an e-commerce system that will reduce my costs?
  • Other?

No one wants just to own a website, they want more sales, or a bigger audience.  Few people want to own a car, for owning ones sake, we want to go places easily, show how rich we are, attract the opposite sex or whatever.

The business offer that you are making me shows me a number of things; how much research you have done on my company, what you know about my sector or even that you know how to create leads or make sales.

If your offer is only saying, “we wont fuck it up, honest!” then all you are convincing me of is your lack of preparation and understanding.

If your offer doesn’t rock my world then you are wasting my time.

Building Your Business Offer:

Look at your business and ask yourself:

  • What do I make?
  • Why do my clients need it?
  • What benefits can I guarantee my clients – every time?
  • What will those benefits mean to the clients.

Once you have answered those questions, build your pitch around those answers and create an offer that will solve your potential clients problems and rock their world.

Thank you for reading, I would love to know your techniques for developing a compelling business offer, what are your top tips?


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