2 Essential Questions for Creating Trust in your Business

By: admin | 23 Apr 2015

Creating Trust in your Business

Yesterday I had a very interesting and illuminating coaching meeting with Red Pencil Productions in Preston regarding creating trust for your business.

Red Pencil are a new company who make corporate video for other businesses, helping them to increase audience size and engagement.

At the beginning of the meeting Anthony, the Creative Director of Red Pencil Productions outlined the challenges he wanted to work on with me. First among them was creating trust for his business through his ongoing marketing.

Great question!

To answer this, I took him through my KNOW – LIKE – TRUST – BUY process and how it can be used to create a consistent pipeline of potential customers already interested in what you do.

Importantly, the information needed at each stage is very different, as the information that will get someone to like you, is not the same kind of information that with encourage someone to trust you.

In order to create Trust your information needs to be:


We trust people who always reflect their beliefs (core brand values) and follow through on their promises


We trust people who we feel are worthy of belief or confidence


We trust people who we have a relationship with


We trust people who put our needs ahead of their own

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”

– Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

The simplest of these to deal with initially is Consistency as little fixes can make a large difference.

With most small and growing businesses, getting the brand right and creating a solid and repeatable sales pipeline is crucial to creating a solid start.

Anthony, has been kind enough to let me share one of the key insights from yesterday’s meeting…as I think most growing businesses need to answer the same two questions initially in order to succeed.

The two key questions you need to be able to answer are:

  1. What are your brand values?

By which I mean, which 3 words would you use to describe how you do what you do?

What can you ABSOLUTELY guarantee, every time people come into contact with you in any way?

Are you dynamic? Customer focussed (like Red Pencil)? The most efficient? Other?.  If you are struggling with deciding what you are like, contact a customer that you can depend on and ask them.

BANNED WORDS: Professional, Quality, Passionate

(These words are givens….the absolute minimum. If you are in business the least you need to be is professional, care about what you do and produce work to an acceptable standard

…if you are a creative business, add to the list creative, bespoke, unique …as because if you aren’t those…you don’t have a creative business in the first place).

You have to be able to answer the question “Why should your customers buy…from you”

TOP TIP – it’s never about price!

  1. This is the important part.

Look at everything in existence that you have produced to market your business. This will include your website, your business cards, the writing on your blog, your social media updates, your social media profiles…everything you can find!!!

 Ask yourself.

 How does every single word, picture, colour, sentiment, comment, everything you can see….reflect the 3 words of your brand value?

If it doesn’t, even by a tiny amount.


If everything you produce doesnt reinforce your message, it confuses it and the last thing you want is a confused audience.

Having a consistent message is absolutely essential if we want to be creating trust for our business with our audience.  They need to be absolutely certain of what it is like to do business with us.

If your message isn’t consistent, it will create doubt in the mind of your audience.

Doubt makes people hesitate

Your marketing exists to help people take action.

EPIC Marketing fail!

Having a consistent message, will help your audience, get to know you better, feel like they can believe what you say and understand what you value as an organisation.

This consistency leads to creating trust which creates customers.

EPIC Marketing WIN!!

If you would like more information on my KNOW – LIKE – TRUST  – BUY system (there is a book coming soon) or would just like free resources and know – how about getting the most from your branding, join my mailing list in the box at the top of the page.

How do you ensure consistency in your marketing? I would love to know more about what you guys do…let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading