If You Want Customers to Trust You – Care for your customers

By: admin | 23 Jun 2015

Showing you care for your customers creates Trust

Trust is one of the fundaments of business, without it, you will sell less and struggle for credibility…and there are only 4 main ways of creating it. – Consistency, Credibility, Connection and Care for your customers

In a world where relationships can often be fleeting, creating trust between you and your potential client, can often mean the difference between winning the work and losing the work.

 Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships – Stephen Covey

Last month I posted an article on one of the 4 C’s of creating customer trust and focused on how a “Consistent” message will help you build trust with the people you want to  buy from you.

In this post I want to concentrate on one of the other C’s of creating customer trust and that is Caring for your customers.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary – “Care” is:


  1. Serious or grave mental attention; the charging of the mind with anything; concern; heed,  heedfulness, attention, regard;
  2. Look after and provide for the needs of.

Care is such a simple and profound thing and we are all hardwired to respond to it.

We are all programmed, from a birth, to trust those who look out for our interests instead of their own.  It is the act of parents and lovers, true friends and great teachers.

Simon Sinek…in his legendary Ted talk, “Start with Why” discusses the nature of humanity and postulates that it is our sociability and more importantly, how humans look out for the interests of the whole group we consider ourselves part of…that has been the main contributor to the success of our species.

This sociability and looking after our groups interest is what we call caring…especially in a business sense.

At the most profound level, humans tend to see the world in very simple terms “us” and “them”  – Mac or PC? Republican or Democrat, Beatles or Stones….you see where I am going with this.

We trust those who we consider “us” and we decide who is included in “us” by seeing who has our interests at heart – and then we act accordingly.

This is why free stuff works…and is at the core of the “Law of Reciprocity” postulated by Robert Cialdini in his book “Influence”.

If you truly have your customers benefit at heart, and you freely give the solutions to their problems, without worrying about the payoff for yourself, then trust will grow,  Because you are creating an “US” group and putting yourself at the head of it, by looking after the needs of it.

And this is why, as a business, showing you care for your customers, creates trust among your prospective customer group.

…and trust is essential for business today…

We all prefer to do business with those we Trust. We prefer to spend money with friends rather than strangers – this is one of the core principles of networking.

This seems obvious to write it down, almost too simple…

…Trust is earned.

And it is wise for us to consider how exactly do we go about earning the trust of your current and potential customers on a daily basis in your business?

  • How do you care for your customers? (and not just their wallets)
  • How do you show them that?
  • How can you improve what you do?”
  • How can you build real caring into your customer service?
  • How can you make your customers feel like part of your family?

So take a look at what you are currently doing and think about how that makes your customers feel like they can call you by your first name, want to be involved with your ongoing story and bring their own friends with them?

And, more importantly…what do you do just for them?  What do you give them…for free…because you want them to do well, be happy or successful?

Thanks for reading, I would love to know what you think in the comments