Nobody reads your Social Media – Here’s why and what to do about it!

By: admin | 13 Jul 2015

Its dull and mainly irrelevant.

Sorry! (…its OK, its not just you)

Nobody reads your social media because most of what we all share is copied or re-tweeted, or other peoples stuff just circulated so we have something to say (…because it is actually quite a lot of work to create some original content that is of any value).

To quote a very popular web meme…


….(and most of what we all share is bullshit)

We talk about ourselves incessantly and sorry for the bad news, but this is of zero interest to our customers

“Talking loud, aint saying nothin” – James Brown.

Just because we can share – doesn’t mean we should. If we consistently drone on to whatever long suffering audience we have without thinking about them, then it is no surprise at all that they begin to dial down the volume.

Marketing “experts” tell us that unless we constantly interrupt our potential clients – they will forget about us.

“Top of mind” is bullshit.

And here is another simple truth why (I have written about this before here)

If people are able to forget about us, then we have not made a significant enough impression and deserve to be forgotten.

If you want to be remembered, be more memorable, not more prolific.

Nobody reads your social media because, many incidences of shit, regurgitated and forgettable content will not make us any more memorable….other than as the people who share rubbish content.

Three things you need to do…

  • Inform,
  • Educate,
  • Entertain

…and if you can include a picture of cat or two then you will be laughing

This is all…no mission statements, no vision statements, no product specs (unless what you do is truly groundbreaking)

Think about what it takes to get you to interact with other peoples social media…

…we interact with our friends, our family and then stuff that is funny, sexy or cute.

This is your fucking competition, your social media “content” is going to pop up between updates from people I actually care about and want to hear from!

How is trotting out some tired, seen before, industry standard lazy ass “top tips” going to attract my attention from my friend Jed’s engagement, or the fact that my wife has been on television again?

It just wont.

Stop kidding yourself.

Create something of value…

Make me laugh, show me a new way to do something important to me that I haven’t seen before, or tell me about something new in the world that will make a real improvement in my chances of success.

People have more than enough information. Don’t burden them with any more. Give them a better way of making the best of what they have…

If you do that I will share that for you….

…If you cant, you will get dropped like GCSE Religious Studies.

Thank you for reading.. 🙂

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