Following a 15 year career in professional dance, film and unprofessional comedy, Neil retired from performing in 2001 and has since spent more than a decade bringing sensational innovation to businesses helping them to grow by turning their ideas into money

Based in near Liverpool, Neil specialises in ideation, marketing and social media within businesses, assisting them to profit from their intellectual property, brand value and know how.  He has worked with hundreds of clients of all sizes including British Telecom, and many universities across the North of England.

Neil was CEO of Storey Creative Industries Centre in Lancaster and has helped a range businesses flourish both in the UK and internationally.

He has won a national award for film making, is a published author and public speaker about branding, social media and how to build businesses from the inside out.

Neil is one third of Deaf Business Academy, half of Fascinate Social Marketing and 100% of “Doing The Right Things”.

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