My LinkedIn Launchpad system is designed for any business looking to use LinkedIn more effectively to find more leads and create more sales – FAST!

You will learn simple repeatable steps to ensure you will be able to harness the vast opportunity presented by LinkedIn for you and your business to increase your visibility, build your client base and make more sales.

What you will learn:

  • The Key principles of LinkedIn
  • How to create a profile which will help find you clients
  • How to create almost unlimited prospects using the search tool
  • How best to connect with people (and how not to).
  • Creating a strategy for success.
  • Getting it done in less than 40 minutes a day.

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This session will help you create social media content that creates customers.

During this “Social Media Transformation Session” I will show you an easier way…. a simple, repeatable process for helping captivate your customers and then delight them so they become first fans and then advocates for your business.

Once you grasp the simple principles, based on the established KNOW – LIKE – TRUST – BUY approach, you will be able to turn your social media presence into a valuable resource for your business helping you grow your audience and turn that audience into happy, paying clients

What you will learn:

  • Social Media Marketing – What is really in it for you
  • How to make sure your social media presence more than pays for its keep
  • How one simple change in your approach will massively improve your marketing and sales
  • Step by step process to build more leads and turn those leads into repeat customers.
  • How to integrate social media with your existing marketing.
  • Know exactly what content to post on social media, when to post it and how to use that content profitably

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Digital Marketing Academy – Free Email Course

7 Step by step emails to help you start doing your Digital Marketing the easy way

What this course contains:

  • Email #1 – Welcome To The Easy Way
  • Email #2 – The Point Of Digital Marketing
  • Email #3 – How To Plan A Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Email #4 – Get Your Brand Voice Right
  • Email #5 – Know What To Post, When and Where
  • Email #6 – How to Know if You are Winning
  • Email #7 – Free Tools To Make Everything Easier

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LAUNCH DATE 15th February 2017

This is simply my best work to date.

This complete programme will show small businesses how to turn strangers into raving fans.

This unique strategic approach shows how to use the KNOW – LIKE – TRUST – BUY principle to create the most compelling information possible for the stage of customer relationship – to deepen it and create mutual value for both the prospective customer and your business.

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Watch This Space!

I am currently working on something new and special for launch in late 2015 – early 2016

…its going to be awesome!

Watch This Space!

I am currently working on something new and special for launch in late 2015 – early 2016

…its going to be awesome!