Social Media Transformation Session

What you will learn:

  • A simple method to build relationships that build profit quickly, through social media marketing
  • A 4 step KNOW – LIKE – TRUST – BUY process that turns strangers into raving fans.
  • A repeatable way to easily create the kind of social media content that your potential customers are already hungry for.
  • How to repeatedly create content that creates new customers
  • How to increase the numbers of existing customers who re-buy from you
  • How to create compelling offers that your customers are already looking to buy.
  • And how to do this in less time than you may think – typically less than a day a month to set up and then 15 mins per day after that

I would like to make an invitation to you to arrange a day with me (at your place or mine) where we can turn your social media activity into an asset that drives your business growth.

The Social Media Transformation Session is delivered like this…


We send you a series of preparation questions and guidelines so that we can get a running start  on the day itself.

Social Media Transformation Session

We will work together to ensure that your branding is giving the right impression of your business helping your customers hear you over the noise of all of your competitors.

We will create a step by step plan for the next 3 months that will make profitable social media easy, effective and fun.

We will provide you with a series of (free) tools that will help you measure how quickly you are improving your skills as well as your bank balance.

The whole session is recorded to that the pressure to take notes is reduced and you get maximum value out of our time together.

During the day we work into workbooks so that the notes that are taken are ordered in a way that makes sense, are easy to search and easy to apply.

Post Session

Doing your social media marketing in a new way can often need a little more attention at the start.

To ensure that this goes as smoothly as possible we offer email and telephone support for the duration of the co-created 3 month social media plan.

The Investment

For this package is £800  and this covers:

  • The day of working together (with as many of your staff as you like)
  • All of the work books,
  • A three month social media plan,
  • Free tools to help improve your performace
  • All of the things listed above
  • …plus the aftercare

So, over to you.

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