“His relentless pursuit of new innovative ways to beat opposition, and his understanding of marketing is incredible. My marketing has been more successful than i ever considered it could be, managing to get attention and sales from companies such as Google and Fitness First in my first year of being in business.

The other side to Neil’s unique style is not only his knowledge, but his ability to know when you need picking up, and his ability to know your personality well enough that maybe that day you do not need business advice, you need to reassess where you are. I would honestly say his coaching has been more valuable to me than any other attribute”.

Sam Marsh

CEO, Jigsaw Fitness
“After seeing Neil at a networking event I immediately booked him for a session on social media to help us to reach out to more people.
As well as being very personable, Neil’s approach was just what we needed – straight talking, straightforward, and above all, made a whole lot of sense.
Immediately after the session, the examples discussed started to be used and we are already seeing results with an increase in our audience, and that is after just one week!”

Sharon Crymble

Fundraising Manager, East Lancashire Hospice
“I have known Neil for nearly 10 years. He is an inspirational speaker and dedicated business mentor. He delivers real value for the businesses he works with because he uses the wealth of experience he’s gathered in practical and appropriate ways, tailored to individual client needs.

He is brilliant at working a room, wether as a speaker or as an event host. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Neil for either one-to-one business advice or for conference speaking (and everything in between)”.

Dave Kirkwood

Dave Kirkwood Studio
“I asked Neil to work with me on a project I was delivering with female ex-offenders. I wanted him to ‘wow’, inspire and help them find faith in their new futures. Big ask, potentially tough group but he did it, they were transfixed and inspired. Will I ask him again? Absolutely”!

Jane Wignall

Resource Creatives
“Neil Simpson has a “superpower” to take you and your projects to the best next level —time and again. He is a virtuoso in detecting potential in realities other people take for granted, thus transforming lead into gold.

Neil spots your creative skills, figures out what makes up your creative DNA, selects the best proven ideas out of his astounding repertoire and applies them to grow your business.

All of my current projects are spin-offs that burst forth out of that magic nudge years ago. Neil Simpson is the tipping point in your trajectory: working with him changes your growth rate from arithmetic to exponential”.

Carlos Franco

Consultor especialista en desbloqueo creativo, Mexico City, Mexico
“We hit it off straightaway and he helped me massively to formulate my ideas into a brand. I totally respect Neil’s viewpoint on all matters, as he has given me so many insights and lightbulb moments. I would recommend Neil to anyone who is looking for someone who thinks totally differently from other Business Coaches I have met previously.

With Neil you get someone who is passionate about helping others succeed and has a real drive for nurturing relationships. Neil’s knowledge on anything business development related is truly astounding”!

Anne Williamson

Consultant, Lucrative Marketing
“Neil has been a wonderful business mentor to me over the past couple of years. He has provided just the right balance of empathy and understanding alongside some motivational butt-kicking!

I would highly recommend Neil’s unique approach to any creative organisation or individual looking to boost their sales and get their business in shape”.

Sarah Pickard

Designer/Owner, Pickard Designs
“When contemplating starting my first (post public sector) business I found Neil to be an exceptional mentor. He challenges hard but appropriately and has vast knowledge and insight in supporting new businesses.
He comes come with answers to questions you didn’t know you needed to ask.
He’s interesting slightly maverick and hugely talented which makes you think the impossible is quite normal.
If you have an opportunity to work with him, take it he’ll make a difference”.

Jane Beckford

Director at ApprenticeshipsRus Ltd